Some of our best work are made through collaboration

SCULPTUREATWORK is a creative bound sculpture-studio with full in-house facilities. Established in 1992 and originally known as Potential Art, we have accumulated valuable experience in sculpture making. We collaborate with developers, architects, interior designers, landscape designers, urban planners, contractors, museums, artists, public or private corporations to turn vision into reality.
We’re in the business of getting people to notice and enjoy art/sculpture, a concept we apply to all our clients and work. A good sculpture serves as an icon symbolizing a place and has a sense of place –it interacts with its surrounding environment.
  • Sculpture Design

    Our in-house designers provide inspiration to form a sculpture.

  • Sculpture Making

    Accumulating valuable experience in sculpture-making by our in-house sculptors.

  • Space Design

    To create functional spaces within a building through arts and science. Our in-house designers with an abundance of unique design styles that will work best for you.

  • Urban Planner

    Experienced in-house urban planners will help you develop plans and programs for the use of land.


  • Business Development

    Business Development

    Strategic Initiatives, Business Partnerships, Marketing

    We strive to create long-term strategic initiatives and partnership with potential businesses that share the same values as us.

  • Creative Design

    Creative Design

    Research, Conceptualization, 3D Drawing, Design Validation, Production Drawing

    Our creative team works in close understanding of our client’s vision to curate insights that give birth to aesthetically pleasing design with elements of storytelling. We conduct thorough research on users, trends, forms, materials and manufacturability to create an intended experience for our clients and audience alike.

  • Planning and Implementation

    Planning and Implementation

    Project Management and Purchasing

    We liaise closely with our clients to set up work programme, process & KPI for production and assist the production team in meeting client requirement.

  • Production and Installation

    Production and Installation

    Fabrication, Quality Control, Site Installation, Delivery

    Our in – house production facility consists of state of the art machines that allow our craftsman and fabricators to bring an idea to life. We collaborate with all parties concerned for proper coordination of installation onsite, making it our top priority to ensure all sculptures meet our quality standards, the process is safe and smooth running.

Let’s Collaborate

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