Juxtapose Art Macao

Juxtapose Art Macao, 2021

GalaxyArt Macau, Cotai

We are pleased to collaborate with GEG Foundation for this ambitious project. Juxtapose consists of 11 pieces of wire sculptures covering historical sites, architecture, religious sites, festivals, people and stories re-enacted Macau’s past events. Our creative director, Mr Tang Mun Kian who is the mastermind of Juxtapose believes that the wire sculptures required stories and characters to bring them to life by weaving all intricate parts together to form a complete and meaningful art piece.

The “Stories in Steel” depicted pivotal icons, trades of the past and festivals of Macao – from the famous A-Ma temple to the unsung Naamyam singer. What makes Macau so special is that it portrays a unique and perfect marriage of the east and west, where two distinct cultures can be experienced at the same time, hence the title of the installation – Juxtapose. This installation sums up perfectly what Macau is to the world.

For virtual exhibition, please click the following link:

Juxtapose Art Macao Virtual Exhibition

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