Rejoice in Togetherness

Rejoice in Togetherness

The Chinese Spring Festival is one of the most celebrated festival in the world, which marks a celebration of a new year according to traditional Chinese calendar, a time where friends and family come together and bond over delicious food and drinks, creating unforgettable moments through countless interaction and laughter. It was with this aim that during this festive season, The Drawing Room had held a two-day cultural event called – “Rejoice in Togetherness” – on the 18th and 19th January 2020.

The event received an overwhelming and positive response from the public and attracted more than 600 people from across the world at our studio, SCULPTUREATWORK. We were honored to collaborate with some of the most amazing cultural preserver in Malaysia, which includes UNI, a media platform for preserving local culture, and a youth association from Kuala Kubu Bharu, who led the main activity for this event which was the making of Glutinous Rice Cake, a significant cultural food during Chinese New Year.

During the design and planning phase, our team was dedicated in creating comfortable spaces that allow our visitors to dine, interact and move freely in some of our art gallery. We provided a unique experience for our visitors through our space that sparked elements of childhood memories of their past and an opportunity to reunite with friends and family. It was a cultural gathering of the revival of old ways, created in a conjoined effort with our vendor partners to rediscover old Chinese roots. We mapped out the event by bringing together traditional performers, long-lost cultural food and activities that have faded in recent times.

We are extremely grateful the event turned out to be a success and it is a testimony of our passion in delivering quality cultural events in the future.

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在2020年度马来西亚旅游年期間,马来西亚旅游委员会(Malaysia Tourism Council Gold Awards)作为马来西亚一大文化推手,借其大奖的颁奖典礼,顺势将功绩耀眼的各行业领军人物齐聚一堂。






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